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Black and Green

Wearing black and green all day.

How will you stay today?

With black and green on lusciousĀ grass, why would you not stay all day?

Loves in the air they say, all black and green.

Dark and envy have taken flight, oh what a delight.

Their wings are crimson, dripping with gold. They look so beautiful from head to toe.

But their heart is of envy and gold.

Gold that turnedĀ to black from the slightest tamper.

How can this be but not to hold one’s temper?

How can this be but not to hold one’s temper?

How can you hold one’s temper when it is being tampered with green and gold.

Gold turning into black, black fading into the green.

That is what darkness does to envy.



Late Night Thoughts


It lurks through the night.

Keeps you stiff necked to your bed.

Sweating in fear, you pray.

“God hear my prayer for I am scared.”

The curtains rustle and blow.

The winds are screaming to come in through the window pane.

“What could the winds want,” you wonder.

You sit trembling in the dark.

Your forehead beating with sweat, your entire body shaking, your entire body cold.

The cold of a dead ghost, stroking the forearm of the trembling foe.

The feeling of the stroke are, are one may call icy.

The icy ping of many frozen spider legs crawling across your forearm.

Waking up sweating. Feeling around for what you thought was a nightmare.

The curtains are still blowing, the wind still howling, but the sun is shinning.

The day can now go on.


Darkness is found everywhere, it is not just found at night. That is why we should not judge the night by it’s darkness.-CD