The misconception of changing one mind is thought of, in my mind.

How can you change one’s mind, when you can’t even make up your own.

How can the curvatures and edges of the mind’s maze be reached, let alone changed?

How can the mind be changed when it’s constantly being manipulated?

How can the consumption one feel within the mind be altered by one’s change of mind?

This is the misconception of changing one’s mind

If it even allows change at all.

Will this really change the heart of the person you love?

Manipulation and Control?

I hope you know that changing one’s mind is a journey that may take a life time,

not a process that will merely take a moment.




The Act of Expression

The Act of Expression is the main thing that makes a human, a human.

Love who you are by expressing who you are.

It doesn’t matter how people perceive you to be.

Because all and all there will always be someone,

who excepts you who you are.

Someone will accept and love the act of your own expression.

You will find, probably already have friendship through your act of expression.

Your job now is to accept other people’s expressions and love upon their friendship.

All through the act of expression.

Late Night Thoughts


It lurks through the night.

Keeps you stiff necked to your bed.

Sweating in fear, you pray.

“God hear my prayer for I am scared.”

The curtains rustle and blow.

The winds are screaming to come in through the window pane.

“What could the winds want,” you wonder.

You sit trembling in the dark.

Your forehead beating with sweat, your entire body shaking, your entire body cold.

The cold of a dead ghost, stroking the forearm of the trembling foe.

The feeling of the stroke are, are one may call icy.

The icy ping of many frozen spider legs crawling across your forearm.

Waking up sweating. Feeling around for what you thought was a nightmare.

The curtains are still blowing, the wind still howling, but the sun is shinning.

The day can now go on.


Darkness is found everywhere, it is not just found at night. That is why we should not judge the night by it’s darkness.-CD






Men in Society

In our society women are encouraged to love who they are regardless of their size, looks, and status. The media tells women that they are beautiful the way they are. Our society helps cope with their low self-esteem and helps them to appreciate themselves as a person. They are encouraged to speak out about their feelings and engage in whatever men can do. These are all good things and I believe it is one of the positive aspects of our society. However, men have just as much self-esteem issues as women do and society merely just looks past it.

The stereotypical image of the “perfect man” is similar to the picture below.

Image result for men

A physiologist named Doctor Raymond Lemberg researched upon this topic and reported that only at the most 2% of all men have what society calls “the perfect body.”( If we are setting this standard for all young men in America and only at the most 2% of Americans have this body image, then what are we saying to all of the young men of America?

Body image issues are found within men as well as women. This causes a low self-esteem and depression. Depending on a man’s body type, it will make it more difficult for some men to maintain the stereotypical “perfect body.” Also some men can physically not maintain or even achieve this “perfect body” due to medical reasons or anything other related issues. It is not healthy for everyone to maintain this image.

Another thing that is looked past on the topic upon men are their feelings. Women are encouraged to openly express their feelings. However, society tells men that to be a man, they need to hide their feelings and not allow them to appear. This can cause serious damage toward the self-esteem of the man because he may think that he is not “manly enough to cope with his own feelings. This can also cause many psychological problems and is overall not healthy for him.

Society has created this mold for all men to follow, which is not a good one. Every man is unique and different from each other. Our society needs to be more open and concern about the self-esteem and image of our young men. It is a topic that is merely not promoted enough and it is frowned upon by society to even bring it up.




Thoughts on Thinking


Is thinking a complex imagination?

Is it something everyone can posses?

The ability to think?

To think in reason?

To reasonably just think?

Critically think?


What are our thoughts of thinking?

Is it the same or is it just a revelation?

A revelation of an idea which was in our head.

How do we express thinking?

Are we outright about thinking?

Are we troubled by our own thoughts?

The way we think, the process of how we think?

Think, think, think.

What is thinking?img_5650





What a simple four letter word.

Made even simpler when made singular.


So little, but so dire.

It can break apart families.

Destroy Trusts.




Is it worth it?

These Lies?

It’s just a little lie?

A lie here.

A lie there.

No one will see.

See lies.

Lies are not visible for the naked eye.





When many atoms are joined together, it creates a being.

A lying being.

So if one lie is continued.

Won’t that make it visible?


You tell yourself that.

Until its too late.

The foundation, the being you built.

Is upon lies.

It is visible now.

The lies you thought you could hide.

Ha-ha you can’t hide lies.


The Elephant in the Room

It is staring from the corner of the room. This, in which I am speaking of is

 the elephant in the room.

It is obvious and sits, as it stares in horrified galore. I can’t seem to help, but think of

the elephant in the room.

It haunts and wranks as it coils itself in my room, who knew that it would be

the elephant in the room.

It stands above me and and spreads across the room, oh what could this be but an

elephant in the room.

As time passes on and the days seem to surpass its luck, I realize just what I need to do to

the elephant in the room

I take up its mighty pile and go down to the washroom and let it set for a while, I soap it up and allow it to spin. Just as if I have always known

the elephant in the room. 

It was nothing scary, but rather daunting, for

the elephant in the room

was merely laundry.