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Black and Green

Wearing black and green all day.

How will you stay today?

With black and green on luscious grass, why would you not stay all day?

Loves in the air they say, all black and green.

Dark and envy have taken flight, oh what a delight.

Their wings are crimson, dripping with gold. They look so beautiful from head to toe.

But their heart is of envy and gold.

Gold that turned to black from the slightest tamper.

How can this be but not to hold one’s temper?

How can this be but not to hold one’s temper?

How can you hold one’s temper when it is being tampered with green and gold.

Gold turning into black, black fading into the green.

That is what darkness does to envy.



Going Back

Mixed Emotions

Stirring in a Pot

What of these Emotions I feel?






Overcome with Suspense

I don’t know what this Semester will Bring.

All I know is its Coming.

I am Going Back

I am Heading West

I am Heading Again, Away from the Culture and Home I know So well

I am Leaving my Comfort Zone

I am Heading Back

Here is to another Semester!

4 More Days

Until I am Back




Should We Really Judge the Struggles?

What are we to Conform?

What are we to Judge?


Others Struggles?

Don’t you Struggles of your own?

Why would someone’s Struggles be any worse than yours?

Sure they have a Drug Addiction, but you have a Sex Addiction.

Sure they have Anxiety, but you have Depression.

This person is Gay, but you are Lusting over a woman.

You have no reason to Judge anyone else for their Struggles.

You are only the Judge of your own Struggles.

God is the only Judge of all of our Struggles.

Why Judge others for things we don’t Understand?

Why Judge people for what we have no Knowledge of?

Is it to make us look better?

Is it too Ease our own Struggles?

Is it too Escape the Burdens we feel deep inside?

Is it a way to take the Shame off yourself and pour onto others?

Is that really how we Judge?

Is it really how we Live?


Tappty Tap

Tappty Tap

The Computer Goes Tap

Tappty Tap Tap

On that Computer, Screen’s Black.

Tappty Tap Tap Tap

Move the Mouse Away from That.

Tappty Tap Tap Tap Tap

Why Did My Computer Screen Go Black?

Tappty Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap

Why Am I on That?

Tappty Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap

Why is the Screen all Cracked?

Tappty Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap

IS it Really a Hack?

Tappty Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap

That is What is Happening to the Computer with the Black Screen, which was Hacked and Cracked in a Place Where it Should Not Be At.




The misconception of changing one mind is thought of, in my mind.

How can you change one’s mind, when you can’t even make up your own.

How can the curvatures and edges of the mind’s maze be reached, let alone changed?

How can the mind be changed when it’s constantly being manipulated?

How can the consumption one feel within the mind be altered by one’s change of mind?

This is the misconception of changing one’s mind

If it even allows change at all.

Will this really change the heart of the person you love?

Manipulation and Control?

I hope you know that changing one’s mind is a journey that may take a life time,

not a process that will merely take a moment.



The Act of Expression

The Act of Expression is the main thing that makes a human, a human.

Love who you are by expressing who you are.

It doesn’t matter how people perceive you to be.

Because all and all there will always be someone,

who excepts you who you are.

Someone will accept and love the act of your own expression.

You will find, probably already have friendship through your act of expression.

Your job now is to accept other people’s expressions and love upon their friendship.

All through the act of expression.