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Going Back

Mixed Emotions

Stirring in a Pot

What of these Emotions I feel?






Overcome with Suspense

I don’t know what this Semester will Bring.

All I know is its Coming.

I am Going Back

I am Heading West

I am Heading Again, Away from the Culture and Home I know So well

I am Leaving my Comfort Zone

I am Heading Back

Here is to another Semester!

4 More Days

Until I am Back





Should We Really Judge the Struggles?

What are we to Conform?

What are we to Judge?


Others Struggles?

Don’t you Struggles of your own?

Why would someone’s Struggles be any worse than yours?

Sure they have a Drug Addiction, but you have a Sex Addiction.

Sure they have Anxiety, but you have Depression.

This person is Gay, but you are Lusting over a woman.

You have no reason to Judge anyone else for their Struggles.

You are only the Judge of your own Struggles.

God is the only Judge of all of our Struggles.

Why Judge others for things we don’t Understand?

Why Judge people for what we have no Knowledge of?

Is it to make us look better?

Is it too Ease our own Struggles?

Is it too Escape the Burdens we feel deep inside?

Is it a way to take the Shame off yourself and pour onto others?

Is that really how we Judge?

Is it really how we Live?


Challenges and Thrills

The past few days I have been home from school on a nice, well-needed break. The semester has had its thrills and challenges, but I am confident and faithful that God will help me through the challenges and help me cherish the thrills that life brings to me. Even through the thoughts of confusion and self-discovery, I will prevail through with God as my lighted match. Ready to set ablaze my path for me. Although, the rain may come at times if I take out and strike my match. I can then be able to set my path on fire and allow it to lead the way in warmth and enlightenment.

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”
—Deuteronomy 31:8