Learning Differences


Learning in the public school system has had some challenges, especially in the elementary school years. I had a difficult time in public the elementary school which ended with myself becoming home-schooled.

Going through my first few years of elementary school, was challenging for me. I was behind in most of my school work and was failing to comprehend the information well. I was always having trouble focusing in large groups, especially during instruction time. I was one of the kids who did not nessarily goof off all the time with my friends, but I was not all there in a way. My mind would always travel to different places and due to most public school teaching being audiotory for instructions, I would miss it. I also had a difficult time understanding logical concepts like addition and subtraction. As well as being way behind in reading as a kindergarten student. My kindergarten teacher thought I would need to stay back in Kindergarten for another year, mainly due to my reading. However, my mother refused and taught me how to read better over the Summer, by the beginning of First grade I was ahead in my reading level. However, my math was still below and I was having difficulty understanding logical concepts. During my Pre-K-2nd grade years I had kind of like a mentor who helped me with my focus and lots of other things. It helped me, but I was still struggling in school. In result to all the struggles; when I came back home with homework my mom would have to reteach everything again. However, she would show me a different way of solving math problems. In around 1st and 2nd grade, the teachers started giving me different work compared to the work  most of the other kids received. The work was much easier and they even gave me easier English worksheets because although I was a good reader, my grammar was still pretty poor. The worksheets were way too easy for me, but the normal class work was too difficult due to myself not understanding the material when taught. At around 2nd grade they decided I was old enough to be tested for an IEP, keep in mind that I still had extra support from outside mentors. When I was done with the test, I was not on the standards of an IEP. That would have not been bad if the next event had not followed. Due to this they were going to take away all of my extra support and academic help. After, this my mom came to the realization that would change her and my life. She decided she was going to home school me the following year because she figured that she was already teaching me everything after school anyway, not including Summers. She talked to my 2nd grade teacher about it and she agreed that it would be the best thing for me due to my style of learning or better known as a learning difference.  

As a result, of this decision I was home schooled for 6 years. I am thankful for the opportunity to be home schooled because it helped me learn the way I learn best, which the public schools were not teaching. Furthermore, it also helped me to cope with my learning difference and to work hard at school to achieve my highest potential. Knowing how I learn best and how I can help corporate that in everyday studies and life. This has helped me so much. I seriously do not know where I would be if I were not home schooled through the those years.Due to my mom’s sarcafices and our hard work, I was ready for the challenges of high school, but that is a different story.  


2 thoughts on “Learning Differences

  1. Very interesting Christian …I remember a very VERY long time ago having many of the same problems in school. You were very blessed having a Mom that helped you…and look at you now …doing so well..


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