Prom: The End of the Year Party

Prom is like a pre-party before graduation. Everyone dresses up and gets together with many other upper class men and party! It is the moment many high school students are looking forward too. The dancing, getting dressed up, and the dinner. It is the concept of being the last get together before many people never see each other again. The moment people have knowledge of this concept, many of them want to spend as much time with their class mates as possible. Even with their peers who they have never talked to before. It is a very interesting dynamic.

Prom also puts lots of pressure due to trying to find a date to prom, purchasing the tickets for you and your date, reserving a place to eat, renting a limo, (I am personally not doing this, but many people are.) and not to mention to purchase/rent a tux or a prom dress.

Also many people worry about impressing their date or their peers at the prom. However, to be really honest that does not matter because the entire reason for prom is to have fun at your last dance in high school. Also, in the long scheme of thing it would not matter what others thought because everyone takes their own path in life after high school and like I pointed out earlier, you most likely won’t see over half of the people you went to high school with after graduation. So what is the pressure to impress, when you most likely won’t see them again? Dress in your own style and what you think is pretty or handsome, not what others think.

To conclude this post just have fun! Don’t stress about it and go and have a fun time! For many people it is their last dance in high school, enjoy it!




Additional Note: I had a request to post about the stages and transitions of my 12 years of high school to college. I am currently started that, but than drew a blank on how to finish it. I decided to post this because it is something current. I will post “The Educational Stages” as soon as I can. Everyone have a fun and safe weekend! 


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