Why I Created this Blog

Although, I have already written a few blog posts, I probably should discuss why I created this blog in the first place. I created cdnationblog because I have always wanted to make a blog, but simply never got around in creating one.( It is actually quite easy to start one for those of you who are interested in making their own!) However, I had a hard time thinking of something to blog about until one day I decided that I would pursue a broad topic of life style choices. Mostly focusing on the individual reader who reads my blog posts, while adding  biblical or professional quotes. I add these elements in because I believe it helps relate the topic to the reader by using different sources, rather than my own words or opinions. I believe this adds more flavor toward the mix blog posts for the individual.

Now, this is what I need from you guys as viewers. I need some feedback and more ideas for blog posts. If you have any ideas or topics you want covered. Please let me know by commenting below. I check daily and will get back to you as soon as I can!

Also I want to thank everyone who has followed me or viewed my blog posts so far. You guys mean a lot! Thank You and Have a Great Weekend! 


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